Ficcmus Day 10 Sale of The Bizzare and Forevers

I wouldn’t have thought it possible. We’re traveling the highway on Christmas vacation, heading to our next stop along our way. Stumble upon a yard sale in the middle of nowhere desert road. Noticeably large and not a soul in sight. At least for the moment. I drive around it peer through the open window down at a large amount of trinkets. Odds and ends cramp inside this tight square. While not realizing they were nearby? Watching from a distance while look around. One appears out of nowhere.

Rather nice suit and tie for a guy in the middle of the desert. Surprised, he’s not worried about getting the nice thing all dirty. Alright enough about the suit. So, what happens next is so bizarre. I’m not even sure, believe it, and I was there. After a few minutes of polite chatter, excuse myself back to my car. I head off in the opposite direction thinking, Okay, so I met a weird guy in the middle of nowhere. Big deal! Right? Right. My car comes to a screeching halt when he appears in front of my moving car.

I thought I’d hit the guy after stopping. This goes on few miles when I had it with this guy. Unsure of the games he’s trying to play on me, slam out of the car to confront him and instead seeing a woman where he’d been standing. This chick says nothing, just points to the junk on the ground.

Who are you? What the heck is this place, anyway? Where am I?

Silence continues for several minutes, after which get back into my car, drive off a few more feet, turn and find them disappearing from view. Junk and all, from there on out I never visited another road side yard sale. You never know what weirdo you’ll meet.

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