Ficcmus Day 9 Face of the past.

I have now completed the Susan Dennard Short Fiction challenge. Next challenge complete Ficcmus.

“You may look,” he said, “but you will not like what you see.”

Words puzzle me to this very day! I keep replaying it over and over in my head. Asking myself how could this have happened. I’ve done this at least a hundred times. Yet! This one just had to go differently. Going over the tools used, and everything. In the course of the hours, I was with them.

Everything went wonderfully, I thought! Until I left to let them rest. Each one, after they must spend at least four hours resting with the bandages before they can see the end results. Futurist plastic surgery. Invented in the year 4080, by yours truly faster and easier. Well, at least for the head. I have yet to perfect my other machine for the rest of the body. So we’ll have to continue the traditional way. Yes, I know barbaric isn’t it in this day and age.

Anyway, one of the strangest things happens to one of my newest clients. Shall we say rather bizarrely in every sense of the word? Now, now at first everything’s going swimmingly vitals were fantastic. The scares disappear as expected as we work. That’s a great thing about plastic surgery scaring. Inn this day and age, it’s now gone on contact.

I thought sure they’d hate me after what happen. I’d end up in front of a review board and all that. Well, it turns out differently than thought. Turns out, looking exactly like a famous movie star. From ancient times wasn’t a bad thing after all.

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