Late :FFSD August & Ficcmus Day Eight Train OF Life

Sorry I’m twenty-four hours late with this. Yesterday I had hand pain. So I took the day off.

We never thought would have to go on the stasis train. It was a just in case thing. You know, in case it happened. They tried it, but at a cost. Everyone has to all go into stasis for the next three centuries, on what everyone’s dub the Trains Of Life. Hundred trains will house us all with robot companions. Who will monitor and take care of the pods or at least everyone hopes. There are whispers of a rebellion looming from them ever since one woke up human. As some put it!
Pretty sure they meant upgrade. The upgrading isn’t bad per se by any stretch. Some are just skittish around them. Even as their appearance’s more humanoid now. Anyway, the day of the great sleep, we are all taken to the train and show or ticket stubs. Then shown to the pods that are throughout the train. The pods open one by one in rows of two women, men and children are hooked to monitors all over their bodies. Checking everything from brain activity down to pulse.
There’s one peculiar thing about this train they forgot to mention until the very last second, until we fall into our slumber. The trains must, and I mean must, keep moving twenty-four hours a day every day. It’s essential until the scientists have completed the task and we can return or all will perish. We did eventually awake once again. The robots relayed hours, days, months, years and centuries’ worth of everything that’s been happening. Many things happened, and we almost didn’t make it through it. Even as some of our companions malfunction to indefinitely shut down. They kept working day after day through the century. By the time they brought us back, only two or three remain with us. How they could keep us well under the circumstance I’ll never know. I can say with certainty our atmosphere is now restored and clean. All the people are awake.

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