SDFF March & Ficmus Day Seven Metropolis Of The Aqua Pyramids

I’ve re edited to try to make clearer and clean up some minor mistakes..again

The pale teal glints in the dirt against the sunlight as I approach it. Rub away the earth all around revealing a large, strange object. Wrestling and tugging until it’s loosened enough. Slowly, as if it were explosive, lift it out into the sunlight. Once, after an internal back and forth, I decide to take it to a local university’s archeology department. Realize that somehow this may be relics from Atlantis. How did it get into my backyard?

We discovered strange ruins of teal artifacts strung about the land within days of the new volcanic island. That developed in days outside the perimeter of the Bermuda triangle. It may belong to the ancient city once known as Atlantis.

Ninety centuries since our vast civilization develop on the planet. Our grand cities made from the aqua stone in the pyramid shape you are familiar with. The disappearance is our decision.

We feel it’s the right the moment, making a device that will mask our people and city from the rest of the planet. Leaving only insignificant items of our existence in the other world. For you’ll remember us as we once were in your world and hopefully remain curious and open. 

But, we had no intention of leaving the ancient jewels of our city. Thought we’d retrieve them all before making the transition through the portal triangle. Unfortunately, we sense this is not the case. Something is amiss in both worlds. We can do nothing, of course. Since time has now passed for the portal to reopen. For us to pass through once more. Unless you from the other side. Finds the key within the stones to open it once again. Someday.

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