SDFFC November&Ficcmus Day Five The Whispering Silver Forest Of Wishes

A bench made of pure silver sits along a path of the whispering forest. The woodlands well known by many villages across our region. Coming for miles to sit at forest’s edge on the old silver bench. Gazing into the deeper part where an ice crystal fountain flowing. Watch the leaves and fountain carefully as each makes a wish. Never knowing if it’s their wish that’ll will grant.

Depending upon the questions ask, colorful answers can range from turquoise, blue, purple, pink, green to any color of rainbow While Dark Grey is always a definite no. Some ask for trivial things. While some ask for more serious. Such as healing from illness to guidance. Today is no different except for the request, which in this case quiet bizarre. I wonder the reasoning behind it. Just then, a voice spoke again. This time into my ear as they lay their head against me. Where they ask once more.

Can you make my village float above? They have never asked me to grant a person’s wish of having the forest float through the skies to protect it. They pull away return to the bench to wait the fountain’s decision.

Several hours go by with no answer to the request. The voice returns home just as night fall sets in. More hours go by. Still without an answer, from the grand fountain of wishes.

Until sunrise! A large object in the sky approaches the tip of the forest. A tiny voice yelling from above us.

Thank you! Thank you, great forest and fountain of wishes. Now we’re safe.

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