Ficcmus Day 4 & FFSD June The Bowler’s Winning Squid

After having a nice brief vacation in Atlantic city, I arrive back at the Starfish Grill & Bowling Alley. I thought it like any other day. Hardly scraping by and mostly empty alleys. Of course, today I’m proved wrong after a mysterious person comes in claims to be a manufacture willing to ditch an entire crate of old curios without charge. Hey you can’t turn down a deal like that. You be outright stupid. Even though I’m getting an odd feeling from this chump. Nothing gives off alarms. As I put the pack of junks under the counter after they left. Other than they’re adamant that I must take the crate off their hand. Seem slightly nervous about it. Almost paranoia set in to them.
It isn’t until I’ve got everything ready, television on just as I open the place up. Things go slightly hairy around the joint. Few minutes after, people actually pile in. As if it’s my grand showing all over again. Hours pass by as the crowds enjoy food, TV and lots of bowling. It’s about seven o’clock now and a couple of hours before the nightly lottery numbers come on. Some folks get their tickets from me and, as usual, treat me as an unlucky charm if they don’t win. Though they keep coming back here. I guess it’s worth the good food for them. Standing at the counters, I hear what sounds like a distant voice. Kinda mechanical. Look everywhere around me until I realize it’s coming from below the counter. Leaning down I hear something saying, 55, 34, 12, 4, 9, 18. Digging through the box, I find an old pink color octopus that is repeating numbers repeatedly.
Before I can, I hide the dang figurine someone approaches the counter. Wow, maybe I should play tonight’s lottery with those numbers. Just might get lucky. He said.
Hesitantly I grab the lottery, fill out hand it to him and wait. More people show up at the counter asking for one. Now I have fourteen people playing tonight’s lottery. As the lottery rolls across the television, everyone’s glued waiting. Soon as the numbers completely scroll across, I realize all fourteen people have just won a cool million in the lottery and with each one I get some dough too.
I’m feeling like it’s ground hogs nightly now as my patrons keep winning ranging from Hundred bucks to almost a cool three mill. Once I figured it out. I use it to my advantage and up the prices of the fill out form and take an extra from each winner after they’ve picked up their winnings. This I’m able to do for about six months before police catch on to what I’m doing. Guess someone realized something’s not right. Now I’m here in a delightful shade of orange! That’s what I get for taking a box of junk from a stranger. Soon as I get out of here, I swear take nothing from anyone.

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