FFSD October & Ficcmus Day 3. 2105 Platform Five

Half an hour late. This one was more difficult didn’t want to come to fruition. lol

“Hey,” he shouted at her back. “You’re going the wrong way!”

It’s always the same phrase. Same time, same place. You’d think he’d have gotten the message by now. Nope, it’s been twenty years since my first rotation. Being an assignee doesn’t leave much luxury on where you get stationed. Versus where you want to be stationed. I’d already been here at least ten of those years. Platform Five on Zenith deck, heading to the process center, where the harvester of the rarest gem of the moon sits. Where we gather to convert the gems into energy for space stations across our system so they can function.

Otherwise, we can’t live or travel through space without it. Though I’ve seen little of space since it happened. Severe malfunction on Platform Five, Zenith deck ten years ago. Just after the harvester’s built. The station having already made itself well established here on the moon with a full living population some five years earlier.

A guy actually went the wrong way, falling off the platform into the newly operational machine. While it’s still bad, only one lost after getting too close to it as we started it up the first time. Being a newbie didn’t realize he was going the wrong way.

Now haunts this deck for all eternity. Repeat the same phrase said just before his demise.

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