April SDSSC (Ficcmus Day 2)Portal ate my homework.

I’m so sorry for my lateness today. Last night writing didn’t come like I hoped so it was delayed until now. Due to hectic morning. Regardless I hope you enjoy this silly thing.lol Also will probably change this title not sure about

Gargoyles perched upon banisters guarding over immaculate grounds of Perseus mansion. Lightning bolt flashes from cloud to cloud. A young man of their early twenties studies by amber light inside a large room modeled like a college library. Stillness interrupted by claps of thunder and rain plops. Strange whooshing of a silver vortex stirring between two center bookcases as twisting winds suck in all around. Quick as come, it vanishes, with papers and books left thrown about. I dart out in disbelief at what I’ve seen.
Peak through in door, I see nothing as I return, sifting through everything. Place volumes back on the shelves frantically search through notes strung out over the entire floor while I attempt to find my homework assignment. After a few minutes, I realize it’s nowhere to be found.
How will I explain this to my teacher? I thought.
Just then, another chasm opens, blowing around again. This time I jump into it slide faster and faster down a kaleidoscope of colors land in a strange place. Where I find oddities blanketed across. Careful I rummage through as I hike along a trail of treasures. Hours upon hours, it feels like as I search for my papers. Only find bits and pieces to tape together.
A three-hour scan later, it opens up again. I take what I’ve found. Tape them the best I can as I race to get to school. Handing to my teacher, Mr. Olsen, a portal ate my homework.

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