SDFFC Day1 Ficcmus December Tale Of The Blight Fairymoss Monster.

I hope you enjoy this. I am currently finishing up this years flash fictions for the Susand Dennard Challenge. I will be using another challege to finish with in December 14-25,. Called The 12 Days Of Ficcmas These will be posted everyday at a specific time. So I have plenty of time to edit. It was started by the lovely East Pikachu over on NaNo Coffee House discord channel. The channels /owner is the lovely hostess AuELocks (Julie, LA). All are welcome to participate via any media you are on. Hash tag for it is #Ficcmas hashtag


A monster comes only after first snow. Some claim it to be a gentle creature. What reminds one of a simple little hare, or like an owl. Others portraying it as a hideous beast with eyes aglow, canary yellow bright as a fire pit. Only coming out at night. Heard stories many times indeed. I’ve never witnessed it though in all the years until present. Tonight is a different story as I discovered something rustle within a hollow, barren spike oak tree & underbrush of Blight Fairymoss.

I can see nothing, but I hear it clear as my heartbeat. Sweat beads across my face freeze, making my way through the forest clearing. The crack of twigs, crunch of gold leaves under snow cover the only thing disturbing the silence as it travels through the air. Fog cascades across the midnight blue skies, blanketing the landscape. As a peculiar shadow appears in the mist appears giant through the broadness of the gray overlay.

Tiptoe forward as I peer around me, cautious of what else may lurk in the area. As I edge closer, glowing eyes appear out of the darkness.

The same shine as foretold by others. Breaths freeze as I inhale, exhale feverishly as I crane my head, puzzled at what is in front of me. It becomes larger and larger as fear overcomes me. The light of its eyes stares straight into my smoky eyes.

As I leap back, a smaller creature emerges from the mist just inches from me scanning in front of me can see nothing. Until I peer down at its eyes, leaning forward, realize it is only a small white rabbit.

Little fellow, what are you doing out in this frightful weather? I said, petting it. You are not a dreaded creature that’s foretold all this time. Perhaps they are mistaken for something else. Pair of silver orbs appear out of nowhere. Swooping in grabs the rabbit within its clutches.

After which both never appear again..

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