Instagram Flash Fiction Friday.

During November I participated not only in Nanowrimo but, a Flash Fiction Friday on Instagram. Though we were all only able to get one in. We had fun; we’ll start up again probably in the new year. just have to wait and see. But this is my piece for the FFF Instagram Challenge. I hope you enjoy it!

The Crystal Dragon’s


The title may or may not change later.


Iezar, Lady Of Ice & Guardian Of Dragons, lives in a small cottage near the edge of the diamond forest. Though trees seem devoid of ice, the ground’s cover year round by snow and ice. I can see the mountains through the trees from my home. Sometimes lit up with blue fire as night approaches and even a couple pairs of ice-blue eyes twinkle across the great mountain’s darkest areas. Hearing a strange grumbling noise, and open my door to find one of the great ones at my doorstep.

What is it my beautiful? I asked.

Her skin looking like aqua glass as her azure eyes aglow in the darkness. I cannot find little flame she is missing. She said.

I take the fire from the chimney and set off the dragon into the deepest part of the forest. There is a place known to the guardians which restores the great flame of a dragon. But there is a slight problem with this. It is far away and takes days to get to. A dragon, once they lose their flame, it must restore it within forty-eight hours or it will perish irreversibly.

I must race through the forest through the dark to find what I need to restore the great Aqua dragoness. I do my best to keep from tripping over my skirt as I finally reach the ingredient needed and quickly brew the potion. After she takes it a deep breath and exhales her fire.

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