Mighty Pens Nanowrimo Charity Day7

After a day of writing a whooping 3,101 words again today. Which puts my total wordcount so far for this week at 10,015 words. I made it to 10K just a feew moments after midnight. I am back where I needed to be for Day 7. I’m determined to keep a more steady pace keeping up with the daily wordcount instead of this miss mash days. LOL

But so far so good I am at where I am suppose to be right now.

If you are participating in nanowrimo how is it going for you?

I am also trying for flash fiction again participating in a flash fiction event on instagram by the lovely

@Leighanwrites on Instagram. Though I am rather late arriving with my fiction.

But I will post again later with next wordcount. Lets hope I make it to the full daily wordcount.

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