The Sprite Anonymous Club SDSSC February

I had such a blast writing this one.

©Shawnee Bysh 2021

The sounds of an old rocker crackle in rhythm with fireplace burning. Silvern moon peeks through dingy petite octagon windows. As shadows illuminated by firelight shuffle across somber walls. Seated myself at the head of the circle, adjusting my navy blue pencil skirt with a pale hand. While I’m careful to tuck my pale blue shirt into the waist of the garment. And waited, tapping a marble green fountain pen on the notepad.

“Unpunctual as usual,” I said. Peering at a gold watch over my oval-shaped silvery glasses. Something stirs behind a blackened partition wall and they come forward out of the shadows one by one.

“We’ll have to wait until the new one arrives before we can begin,” I said, as they’re taking a seat. “Besides, as a regular occurrence, you’re all late, so this shouldn’t surprise any of you.”

A snort of dismissive laughter roars from the trucker while precariously tilted back in their seat.

“ Yea, yea whatever, at least you don’t have to deal with the people I’m dealing with every day. For thirteen years. Can’t do nothin right.”

“You think that’s bad? Whoa well—newsflash mister, I have dealt with the worst of the worst, who refuse to stay away! Show off all the charm and they still won’t go. Just keeps coming back year after year after year!” She said. Their pearl eyes reflecting the firelight.

“ Let’s not forget the other ones up all hours of the night having one of those, what do you call them, it’s like forever since I have gone to one. Oh yes, parties and rest at the crack of dawn. House warming, movie nights. Oh, and slumber ones, I’ve been to them all,“ She said. As popcorn’s falling all around her seat.” Funny thing is, nobody’s ever appreciated me showing up unannounced.”

“ Pfft! What…about. I? “

The gentleman in a charcoaled tan suit shrieked, arms flailing in exasperation, jumping up on top of their seat.

“ Sit down Fredrick,” I shouted. ” There is no need for that here. Why are you upset now? You know the rules whom ever arrives first, is always first at our meeting.”

A faint pale bone pink shoe appears at the top of the landing. I motion for the newest arrival to take an empty seat next to a trucker who looks a little worse for wear. Stumbles over the edge of braid area rugs stringing it across the floor. Knocking over ignites sparks from a now broken lamp as its blinking frantically on and off. The rocker horse now teetering on the top of the steps. As everyone rose, scattering in all directions.

While we try to avoid the surrounding catastrophe. As large heavy swaths of white dust swarm around us from the floor to the ceiling. Putting out the fire in one fell swoop.

“ There goes the fire. Now what do you suggest we do?!” The man in the tan suit said.

“Be quiet,” I told him.

“What’s your name,” I asked, just as the dust finally settles back to the floor. “You’re seated by Mr. Trucker.. here.”

“Elizabeth,” she said, rubbing her hands over her arms.

“I haven’t been dead for very long,” she told them.

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