Salty Monster July SDC

This was fun to write and maybe a bit twisted. The next story coming sooon I’m almost finished with it.

By Shawnee Bysh ©2021

To my relief, the snow’s covering my footsteps, though if their tracker’s as good as I’d thought, it wouldn’t take long. Winds howl like wolves through the forest of stark trees. The dusk is nigh, and time of its approach upon us. Two wall bracket outside every door, which hold a fire lamp on one side, and a gold vessel on the other. No one leaves without either one as night sets upon us. When the creature lurks by winter’s merciless arrival. I will not have long before my lamp extinguishes, and can only pray arrive home before it approaches. Hairs all over my body prickle sensing it’s near, I hold the light in front of me. I reach into the pouch for the vessel as I peer out through the snow. Seeing faint figures forming distantly, while I listen for it. A owl’s hoot breaks through the roar and whistle of wind.

My fingers tingle as heart races as my boots crunch on ice and snow, now float through a sea of many noises. Almost home, I see it once more off in the distance, eyes aglow with amber flames approaching. Scrape of claws against wood nearest my right ear as perspiration’s trickling down my brows now, even in this frigid weather. Shaking, unsure if it is the cold or fear that now races through me as I quickly grab a handful of salt ready to strike it at will, before its onslaught. Feeling warm air on the back of my neck turn toward it only to realize its staring me in the eyes now. Fog exhales from its mouth or lack of one coming closer as another light off in the distance as loud voices come closer and alarm it. Throw a handful of magical compound, dissolving it in a flash as it’s turning.

More appear in the distance as I race through the sea of slumbering trees. Rustling of empty trees, chatter of teeth, and wolves howling in the distance stalk the palely illuminated snow. I race down the path just ahead of me, seeing it just off to my left rebuild itself into two or three now. I change direction, hoping to escape and lead away from our village. Almost a half mile away, out of my peripheral view, I see multiple lights heading towards my location. I cannot fathom it being more of them. Farther and farther away I head closer to the lights and come to I realize suddenly the other villagers are here to rescue me to my relief. All carrying their own, readying their strike against the monster’s attack.

We are within a breath’s distance of the threshold of the village when some of us turn to attack those that are closest to us and race off, just making it scarcely over the magical threshold which blocks the entrance to town, destroying them upon touch. One by one, each disintegrates as it touches the magical field throughout the town’s perimeter. The next morning, the spring awakens as a golden sun rises above the fir trees. Sending it to seasonal slumber once again, until it returns once more someday.

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