Hello August!

Hello everyone hope you are all doing well. Today marks for me the start of the Ray Bradbury 52 weeks of Short Stories challenge. I will most likely combine them some with the Susan Denard short story challenge. When stories aren’t in flash form.

I’m currently working on a short story and possibly one may turn into flash. I’m not sure yet how they will turn out word count wise, since it is rather tricky with word count endings where it will land. I’m currently writing two, plus working out rewrite of another completed story that I disliked after I had done it. It is one that has not been on the blog. As well as edits/ rewrites of the story I just published. Maybe a little longer.

Don’t worry if you liked the original version that will remain up. I’m thinking after some feedback I will just edit and add to it a little bit since I did forget or really didn’t know where to add the name of my pirate lady in a first person sense. lol

I do hope you have enjoyed the last two stories. I’ve certainly loved writing them. More stories to come so keep a look out.

2 thoughts on “Hello August!

    1. Thank you. I had first heard about this challenge through a youtube vlog and I thought it would be different and interesting to attempt. Welcome to the blog.

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