SDC January pt 1 Gabriel Gideon’s Lost Candy Cane

These stories are wrote from Susan Dennard’s Short Story Challenge. Which I’m currently attempting to catch-up on six months worth of work. They will be posted in the order I complete them with the month listed in each post.

January’s story (part one) There will be a second January prompt story

Gabriel Gideon’s Lost Candy Cane

The one day I needed my lucky candy cane I lose track of it.

Raining waterfall outside the bay window of Gabriel Gideon Account Services. Sitting there pouting as I stare out, my expression empty. Stray thoughts go through me. First, I lost my favorite lucky umbrella, it’s my favorite for a reason because it reminds me of a Christmas candy cane. To top it off, I was late for work though that’s a big deal since I work for myself. But still I hate being late. That’s only the beginning. Soaked to the bone, I come in to find a load of cancellations on my machine answering service. And now phone’s not working! At all, and there’s also the power flickering.

After realizing I’ve got no clients what’s so ever, I decide to take the rest of the day off.

Where I before leaving decide to rip everything out in search of my lucky candy cane. Though an hour late nothing turns up. Where could I have left it?

I stop, sit a minute retracing everywhere I’d gone in the past forty-eight hours. Of course, I come up short. I‘d have to investigate from each one place until I recover it. The copper sign with gold etched letters dangling precariously now by a thread on a broken chain waving in the wind as I head out the door. First stop, I try home and this time I take the extra umbrella from the office with me so I don’t get wet.. again! The wind’s fierce worst storm this city’s seen in a long time as long as I can remember.

Fighting as hard as I can to keep it from breaking the single umbrella I have at my disposal.

Reaching home, I push against the wind as it attempts to crush me between the door and wall. Persistent howling rushes throughout as I come closer to closing it completely. Everything wet now from the rain spattering wind as I drop the still open umbrella swing. The kitchen door opens.

Grabbing a nearby towel running around mopping it up before it ruins the hardwood floor. While looking through every nook for the missing candy cane.

So far nothing turns up. Feeling once again defeat plop down in my wet coat, laying my head against the couch. Where could it have gone? I thought sure it was here. Once I rest a while I brave the elements once more, and instead of taking another blasted taxi, I walk in the pouring windy rain.

To the diner, hoping that my luck will change. Soon as I arrive, my favorite waitress knows what I am about to ask, beating me to it.

Sorry, Gabriel, I know what you’re looking for, and I’m afraid it’s not here. I searched your favored booth already, nothing there sweet pea.

I sulk starting back outside when another taxicab I had before in the day honks for me. The driver waves the candy cane. To my great relief, it’s in their taxi the entire time. I am lucky that they’re so kind to return it to me. And as I run to the taxi to retrieve it. The weather changes before me, the skies begun clearing and the wind calming down some. he offers to return me home or work free. I am his luckiest customer.

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