**New flash** Beware of Strange

Sorry this took so long to get up. I had some problems. Next time I will be more prepped for earlier release. I out of m bearing after not posting for a while. LOL

Beware of Strange

Flash Fiction wrote by Shawnee Bysh

A day like any other. Wake up, breakfast, and shower. However, On this day. Start on a rare vacation from day job. And with an extra perk or, should I say, problem. But! Of course I didn’t realize this. Until I pass through the foyer in front of an infinity shaped bronze mirror as always. Only today I discovered something a little odd before finally answering. Wearing a scarf and hat, I’d threw on as doorbell rang. Sun rays kaleidoscope through a cherry stained multi-color stain glass door as it swings open.

My voice trembled. “If I had known all of you were going to arrive, I would have prepared. Forgive me!” I sweat profusely through powder pink hat as no one else utters a word while we stand there awkward silence.

My hand slips off the knob as I perspire feverishly, loosing my balance to fall. Eyes widen as everyone realizes what they’re looking at.

Now how did this happen I suppose you’re wondering now. Well, I am in a curse of some sort. Apparently while in a village I’ve never heard of. I may be at fault for this one.

Going ahead after being told not to eat a strange berry looking thing, and it’s turning me into it. We work hours comb over every area of where I went. I need to remember which berry gives me this invisible appearance and track down the person who lay the curse on me, in hopes they may undo it.

After days of uncertainty, we finally find the person. And they grant after some coaxing. Now, looking in the mirror, I keep making sure I can still see myself. It’s also put me off eating another strange thing for as long as I live.

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