The Queen’s New Squire

© Shawnee Bysh

I remembered the day vividly. It will never be an ordinary day. The lavender spread over the air, as the sundial shows noon. With the new squire’s punctual arrival to my squad at Wolvenhiran Castle. Queen Odra tasking with delivering a crucial scroll in a first immediate duty.

An unfortunate assignment for a new attendee. A potent feeling of he wasn’t ready. But I didn’t protest the queen’s will. One must not go against her Majesty’s order. Setting off with only guidance from me. Arriving at the other castle within two days on horseback. We await the answer.

But by the end of the fourth day realize something’s wrong when a squire from the neighboring kingdom. Travel to see us to inquire why the parchment didn’t arrive. Yield a rise to great pain.

The document will prevent war and instilling peace in both of our lands. Lit cannonballs flown over, hitting the lookout posts. A likely an answer from the nearby kingdom.

It took a full day before I persuade the troop to halt their attack on us and come inside to talk it out. Once inside and convincing, we will not attack them. Offer to renegotiate the matter. The reality of squire did not deliver the scroll to the kingdom of Aquila. With many hours of discussion, draw up another roll. Signature of both at this moment. Peace at long last across our lands. Well, after the queen’s threat of execution, he left the castle with no incident.

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