Pearl Eye Of Ocelalynx

By © Shawnee Bysh

A downpour flowing down the bay window as a purring cat’s laying in my lap. I look over at an old photo album and notice something peculiar in each one. Going back to the earliest family picture. It’s jumping out at me like a bolt of lightning.

The appearance of an onyx cat with vibrant blue tint, tips of fur as Miss Ocelalynx and a dock left ear. In later color photos the eyes are the color of silvery pearl-gray glowing a bright red in darkness. As the day wears on, I fall asleep with her still in my lap. As my eyes close, feeling the cat jump off, I see a strange iridescent glow as Ocela’s head in its direction. Where a long-case pendulum clock is standing.

I bolt upright as the image of a silver eye materializes in the middle of the room. Bright cloud dust dancing around while hovering above at chest level. When as quick as it appears vanishing in front of me. I rush from the room to find the clock door open.

Aglow inside of pure white, I carefully approach, afraid.

Ocela’s face peeking through her eyes, softer than usual. Reaching for me, I hear her as if she spoke telepathically. Tara, do you want to see where I come from, Ocela asked.

I sense the worry in her eyes reaching out to her. As her now semi human hand pulling me into the unknown. Brilliant light blinding me for a moment, clearing up as I squint to regain my bearing. What is this place?

It is the dimension of my people we can cross between worlds past, present, and future at will. And similar ability as a bird capable of, as you call it, murmuration. Only thing different for us is by single person ability. Not a flock. Until now, my tribe is all but altogether extinct now because of a centuries old war among every tribe. At one time hundreds of tribes able to coexist. Before one entity tries to cause harm.

By a lie that’s spread throughout the tribes, nearly causing our entire extinction. It is decided the doorway must close permanently. And with that I thought it be nice to visit it one last time before this door closes forever. This realm is my actual home.

But we make an exception for human companionship as we both seek the same thing. For one, I cannot live past the age of thousands. And losing the power of murmur. The door is closing. We must return to your realm now.

They take one last look back as they cross through the clock. This is the only way to prevent a war that isn’t supposed to spill over into your world. Our species, once the doorway is no more, will still be a loyal companion to you humans. Give birth. They decided it, as you humankind say to our cute furry kittens as always. But this is going to be our lasting home now.

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