Descendants Of The Dark-sided Moon

Descendants Of The Dark-sided Moon

Detectives Heath

& Higgins Mystery

By Shawnee Bysh

A luminous flash of olivine lit up the darkness. As we phase back into form. I find a transparent dome above with a controlled atmosphere. Shedding my jacket at that point. Whilst Higgins’s examining the file engrave with a teal stamp. I rummage through the powdered landscape recovering moonstone pendulum, & timekeeper.

We head eastward, exploring the scenery. Meanwhile, Heath spots obscure firelight of what emerges as a functioning capital.

Approaching the village, aroma of fire pits and bakery float. As we walk around surprised, discovering a large human outpost on the lunar surface. And realizing as we try to speak to the people they cannot hear or see.

But this transit causes us to lose the ability to communicate with the population. Merely to observe as Higgins and I make our way through parts of the bustling place. And catch sight of a man appearing to be the head. Following close behind as they peer at each other, sensing the people may know we are here.

Soon as he enters one building asks us a question. Making matters worse from there. First, the leader of the moon outpost doesn’t accept we are from the past. Or believe space travelers or officers at all. And refuse to help us keep pestering whenever we could.

Until he finally relents helping us. It takes some prodding, but we can give our pendulum for investigating as we pray we can restore it. As we wait spending our time chatting with the villagers about the colonies’ creation in 2890. Being on the moon for at least 110 years.

Learning much more in the following days discovering other territories which interconnect one place to another.

With the ability to grow food, replicating construction materials, and machines that use technology of this age to a modest level.

In the duration of Higgins and I trapped here, we learn many possibilities from our future selves. But our initial goal of locating Dr. Williatenna Powelliverse unsuccessful.

I suppose Powelliverse will continue evading our grasp. All while taunt us along the way.

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