Name Unknown

Written By Shawnee Bysh

The chirp of birds in the trees as the rain falls against large rocks. Paths of fresh mud trailing through the entryway.

In the bathroom, my arms tremble against the icy porcelain sink. I stare into a thin, veiny fragment of a mirror that ash-blonde hair pokes out. An unfamiliar face peering at me. What in the hell? My steel eyes recoil. Voices echo off in the distance. I retreat out a back entrance as car doors shut. The men behind me, their footsteps inching closer.

Snagging my arm on a tree limb as one man catching up, wrestling me to the ground.


Don’t damage it!

Who are you, why are you chasing me?

Relax, the gentlemen and I are not here to hurt you just want to help. I know why your memories lost. I can repair the damage and rid you of this thing.

My name is Dr. Paltry.. Dr. Antone Paltry.

I don’t believe you! I said. Let me go! My arms sore from the tight hold the doctor’s men have on me. Tugging hard to free myself. Throw one onto the ground. Dr. Paltry peers over towards the farthest man. Something sharp pierces my neck as I struggle.

If I am to cure Mable of this thing, I need cooperation.


Mable, open your eyes, dear. Dr. Paltry said in a whisper.

Where am I?

Ms Bu— Mable. Do you remember me?

I found through an acquaintance. After finding a file with the title Name Unknown. What I can only assume is your record. That another colleague of mine testing one of his new clinical trials. On you without knowledge and illegally. Once confiscating it and researching it’s taken me a while to figure out how Dr. Rosenwald’s doing this.

Using it myself to cure you of the mutation. It not only erases memory. But also change appearances into something like an old horror or mythical tale. It appears He intended to sell it to the highest bidder.

Now Rosenwald will pay a hefty price for it and I have pleasure destroying this thing for good. There are still some side-effects present in your system. That will disappear over time. Loss of memories or monster will not be one of them to reappear.

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