Attention Shoppers

This story in particular I had so much fun writing. I will eventually make this story longer. 🙂

Musty odor of the brick building floats around in the backdrop of night. I arrive to my first shift as checkout clerk evening shift.

Finding a large scarlet print cream flyer on a light post that read.

Attention Shoppers: Firey sales event extravaganza!

Beginning now, prices so low, it’s a steal.

Come spend an eternity with us, I promise we won’t regret it.

Once arriving inside, I see an endless aisle of everything you can conceive. From the vermillion floor up to a cherry-red ceiling with windows. Shooting fire, twirling every which way.

A tall middle-aged gentleman approaches, their eyes flashing like emeralds.

This isn’t right, I said to myself. I turn toward the glass doors as they open with one foot outside.

Hello, Going somewhere? My name is Mr. Carmine. He said grasping my arm as I turn around meeting eye to eye now.

Your shifts just about to begin miss, this way right over here. Mr. Carmine’s black-red jacket stretches an arm past the first register towards the back of the room.

I pace my self slow as if I can stall for time. Can I ask you a few silly questions?

Whose your interior designer? I-I’d love to hire them for my house.

Is that suit Armani? Sure is nice threads.

Um, I’m curious.

Why did the previous person leave?

Leave? He said.

Once I hire anyone to work. You are here, evermore. Mr. Carmine said So you see no one’s left. Nobody can ever leave here.

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