A Day In The Life Of Sparrow Hollow

By Shawnee Bysh

Plops of a drippy sink fill the eternal stillness of the modest room. As the iridescent shadow crawls across the peeling indigo paint and stripe wallpaper. I scurry about one room to another, preparing for my new roommate’s appearance any moment now. I stand in the brilliant sunlit stain-glass window muttering. Shake my head, look across the overgrown blanket of unkept spear thistle.

A familiar rustling sound of keys interrupt my solitude as I race in and out of clothes, deciding on a tuxedo.    Showtime I said as I sprint down the stairs, pass by one fellow.

I touch an arm or shoulder, no response, which isn’t that typical. Bolting ahead of another man, Hey there, how are you doing, sir? Welcome! I said enthusiastically, as I accidentally place my pale hand through fellas backside.

What’s going on? The young man said, trying to shake off the eerie feeling. Waving his hand across the young woman’s face.

Well hello, what’s a charming girl like you doing in a place like this? I said as she walks right through me. My alabaster beaming smile shimmers in a silvery cloud surrounding the staircase.

Drifting across to the base of the stairs. Hairs on everyone’s arms now, standing up, taking a step back, I must have got their attention. Nice to meet you, I’m Sparrow Hollow. What’s yours? Everyone runs from the property, never to return.

And another one. It’s this way every day. I’ve got the easiest job in the world.

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