Shawnee Bysh

As Terracotta dust devils whirl in the distance, as a dirty bus coming to a standstill. Bus driver strikes gas peddle as I stepped off, covering my blue jeans and plaid shirt with dirt. Notice a town over the horizon. I hike along another path.

A sign that reads salutations!

Selwoodwick Population Twenty-Five Thousand, established in the year Seventeen-Fifty.

I approach the one building, revealing the towns from the past as I browse into windows. Hearing music floating through the air, I turn away, peering in both directions as I stroll toward the tune. Spot a crowd gather around a gazebo. I can only assume’s a mayor declaring, Welcome to thirteenth annual, Razzle Dazzle Autumn Jubilee.

Which after through Mr. Harlan’s accommodation, putting me at a nice modest lodge on a corner of the town’s plaza. I enjoy the festivities as town folk bob for apples. And other games as mayor Harlan discusses the city’s history. Later that evening. I toss and turn in my cramped bed, thought over what I found. Head out, everyone’s sleeping as strange feelings keep me awake. Greyhound bus arrives I reached the edge of a highway. Explaining everything that’s went on. Look at the driver as I step inside. His blue eyes shine with a funny expression.

Sorry, sir, the charming town you’re speaking of no longer exists it vanished a little over hundred years ago, nobody’s ever been able to figure out what happened to the people of Selwoodwick.

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