Light Of The Ocean

By Shawnee Bysh

We make our plunge into the Marian Trenches; I hope we’ll find the Storm Jelly Squid. I don’t know if I’ll get to seeits cerulean lightning veins intertwined through the plum-colored form. As we approach the farthest depths. Something gigantic slaps our submarine, slamming us against the hull of the ship. Hurling it towards the strange wobbly light. Striking us again, thrust our nautilus onto the ocean floor.

I come too, as a vivid sheen bounces off the walls of the ship and look above in disbelief. Raising up onto my knees, crawl over and see a lighthouse outside as something hits the ship again.

But this time we’re pulled into what looks as if a submersible docking space. A strange noise bounces off the ceiling as the sub hatch opens. I grab my rifle to defend myself, realize they look between human and not humanoid. They spoke our language.
Spending a day on our ship communicating, and over the days that followed. My crew and they show me around the underwater lighthouse. It seems the object’s been here for well over two centuries. Remaining under disguise of ocean until now. By sheer unintentional of myself and my crew. As I sit in a quiet space observing the interactions between my team and the beings.
I notice an internal breathing apparatus embed in their aqua skin. And I have run into the one thing I sought. They are the protectors at this level. Which is why the creature’s spotted above the higher depths? With the information I have received in a vast knowledge of this culture. The more I want to stay. Learning how they live has been the highlight of the visit.

The beings here show the squids abilities to our sheer amazement. Watching such a creature viewing lightning throughout its body and how it hunts for its food. This is something I will remember for eternity as we return home. I hope to visit this place once more someday.

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