Everlasting Flame of Reilea

This piece is one of 11 flash fiction stories I wrote last year during the summer. I’ll regularly be putting up a story here for you all to read. I hope you enjoy them.

Written By

Shawnee Bysh

Run, hide, we are invisible no more! Words of a peaceful, unknown region of leviathans fears most. To such a degree, attackers find a way through and snuff out the fire without knowledge. I’m of only a few custodians, keeper to Flame Of Reilea.

Snatch my knapsack, leave as I pray, looking at everyone else flee to shelter. Wrestle with several as they struggle to tackle me as I head west of the city circle. Cover my face, blocking noxious gas while kicking them away as I approach. Pluck a tree or two with root intact, swatting as swords and arrows hit me.

Lift off one after another as I force my way free. Amaranth lava stone scuttle past my chest as I reach Amethyst pyre seas. A source which can conceal us from outsiders. Many of the invaders launch with lit rocks now begin to strike me. I pick up several by their shirt, peering into their small eyes, flinging over my shoulder. Toss them over the mountain until tired.

Toward the fire, taking a large container out of my bag scoop up purple liquid. Heading to town pours molten into two massive cobalt basins as they vanish. With our village out of sight now. We are optimistic this incident prevents itself from happening again. We will for sure better strengthen our spark. Keep from entering through our sacred land.

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